Vernon Jaycees


Vernon is a small town in North Texas.

Population 12000.We are located 150miles west of Dallas just off HWY

Bike Ride

Bike ride starts at 7:30am 16th August 2014


Saturday August 16th  2014  7.30 am


Registration;- Fri August 15th 2014  6pm-7pm


Sat August16th 2014  6am - 7.15am

4 Tours Routes,100k,38mile,22 miles,12 miles.

The start/finish is from the VernonCollege car park.

To register

Contact Paul Mason,940-553-4494940-553-4494 (email


Rick Graf, 940-839-9200940-839-9200


To register online click on link below:-









Jaycee Creed

We believe:

That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life;

That the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations;

That economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise;

That government should be of laws rather than of men;

That earth s great treasure lies in human personality;

And that service to humanity is the best work of life.

2014 Vernon Burnin'bike ride results


12 mile women under 18                         12mile Men Under 18                   62mile Men 40-49

1st Caroline Taylor                                   1st Deante Sims                               1st Frank Banks

                                                                2nd Garret Pierce                              2nd John Luig

12mile women 18-39                            3rd Christopher Taylor                      3rd Rene Nevarez

1st Cynthia Sims                                                                                              

                                                                12 mile Men 18-39                           62 Mile Men 50-59

                                                                  1st Brent Howell                              1st Joe Praeger

12mile women 40-49                                                                                      2nd David Erkin

 1st Melinda Howell                                  12 Mile Men 40-49                          3rd Dwayne Landreth

2nd Kendra Piece                                       1st Aldean Sims

                                                                  2nd Jeff Pierce                                 62 Mile Men 60+

12 mile 50+                                              3rd Cory Curtis                               1st Steve Dowhower

1st Delores Flores                                                                                             2nd Nick Hillner

2nd Lana Halencak                                  12 Mile 50+                                      3rd William Altman

                                                                  1st Ed Melvin

22mile women under 18                          2nd Mark Halencak

1st Emily Dela Rosa                                   3rd Donald Hemry


22mile Women 18-39                            22mile Men 40-49

1st Nicki Streit                                             1st Rodney Dela Rosa                                                           

2nd Robin Storey                                                                             

                                                                 22mile Men 50+                             

22mile Women 40-49                               1st Wayne Enloe                                                    

1st Monica Pryor                                          2nd Billy Henderson                                 

                                                                    3rd Jim Pryor

22mile Women 50+                                                                     

1st Brenda Hale                                        38mile Men Under 18

2nd Debbie Rowland                                  1st Jacob Cope                                           

3rd Sandie Palmer


38mile Women18-39                              38mile Men 18-39                                

1st Mindy Rowland                                   1st Brad Pryor     

2nd April Gryliewiez                                  2nd Justin Pierce

3rd Janet Pierce                                       3rd J.J Oznick


38mile Women 40-49                            

1st Carol Taylor                                       38mile Men 40-49

2nd Amy Walker                                        1st Gerrid Kendrick

                                                                 2nd Cody Beckner

                                                                 3rd David Blackman

38mile Women 50+  

1st Julie Brock                                          38mile Men 50+

2nd Elaine McKinney                                  1st Brad Wenk

3rd Leesa Atkins                                        2nd Paul Schofner

                                                                  3rd Joe Fitzgerald

62mile Women 18-39

1st Vicky Gifford                                        38mile Men 60+                                

                                                                 1st Dave Schultz

62mile Women 50+                                2nd Tommy Sadler

1st Joni Schatte                                        3rd Rick Boone

2nd Jerelyn Grader                                                                                                  

                                                                 62 Mile Men 18-39

                                                                  1st Titan Miller

                                                                  2nd Geoff Hall

                                                                  3rd Jordan Dixon