Vernon Jaycees


Vernon is a small town in North Texas.

Population 12000.We are located 150miles west of Dallas just off HWY

Bike Ride

Bike ride starts at 7:30am 16th August 2014


Saturday August 16th  2014  7.30 am


Registration;- Fri August 15th 2014  6pm-7pm


Sat August16th 2014  6am - 7.15am

4 Tours Routes,100k,38mile,22 miles,12 miles.

The start/finish is from the VernonCollege car park.

To register

Contact Paul Mason,940-553-4494 (email


Rick Graf, 940-839-9200


To register online click on link below:-









Jaycee Creed

We believe:

That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life;

That the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations;

That economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise;

That government should be of laws rather than of men;

That earth s great treasure lies in human personality;

And that service to humanity is the best work of life.

2013 Vernon Burnin'bike ride results


12 mile women under 18                         12mile Men Under 18                       62mile Men Under 18

1st Caroline Taylor                                   1st Ethan Curtis                               1st Sam Shanes

                                                                 2nd Wade Curtis

12mile women 18-39                                3rd Brandon Curtis                          62mile Men 18-39

1st Ester Clements                                                                                            1st Titan Miller

2nd Lindsay Browning                             12mile Men 40+                                 2nd Geof Hall

                                                                1st Cory Curtis                                  3rd James Rowland

22mile Women 18-39                              

1st Amy Brister                                        12mile Men 50+                                62mile Men 40-49                                

2nd Morgan McKinney                             1st Jim Pryor                                      1st Craig Pack

                                                               2nd Dalae Slaton                               2nd Scott Nishwitz

22mile Women 40-49                                                                                        3rd David Elder

1st Lori Davidson                                   22mile Men Under 18

2nd Shelby Richardson                          1st Zach Dudley                                  62mile Men 50-59

3rd Kelly Millard                                                                                                 1st Jeff Galbraith

                                                               22mile Men 18-39                              2nd Larry Rousseau

22mile Women 50+                                1st Ray Eads                                      3rd Rick Dixon

1st Kathy Gaynor

2nd Debbie Rowland                              22mile Men 40-49                              62mile Men 60+

                                                               1st Cady Beckner                               1st Joe Orender

38mile Women18-39                              2nd Scott Pryor                                  2nd Rick Boone

1st Ana Walker                                       3rd David Davidson                            3rd Barry Diffendaffer

2nd Misty Daily

3rd Melanie Miller                                   22mile Men 50+

                                                               1st Bob Kosheba

38mile Women 40-49                             2nd Edmond Poore

1st Carol Taylor                                      3rd Pete Guerrero

2nd Amy Walker

3rd Ginny Luxton                                    38mile Men Under 18

                                                                1st Eric Fulton

38mile Women 50+  

1st Diann Easter                                     38mile Men 18-39

2nd Kate Feeley                                      1st Dustin Easter

3rd Elaine McKinney                                2nd Daniel Tomlin

                                                               3rd Kristopher Eddy

62mile Women 18-39

1st Carin Knight                                     38mile Men 40-49

2nd Vicky Gifford                                     1st Gerrid Kendrick

3rd lindsey Wopschall                            2nd Travis Taylor

                                                               3rd Arnold Rikard

62mile Women 40-49

1st Jerelyn Gracier                                 38mile Men 50+

2nd Staci Shanes                                    1st Camilo Garcia

                                                               2nd Rich Hopson

62mile Women 50+                                3rd J.Walker

1st Sheryl Dixon

2nd Sherri Dowhower                            38mile Men 60+

3rd Joni Schatte                                      1st Gary Ferguson

                                                               2nd Wayne Enloe

                                                               3rd William Bonner