Vernon Jaycees


Vernon is a small town in North Texas.

Population 12000.We are located 150miles west of Dallas just off HWY

                           Bike Ride

    This is the 21st year of the                     bike ride

Bike ride starts at 7:30am 20th August 2016


Registration;- Fri August 19th 2016  6pm-7pm


Sat August 20th 2016  6am - 7.15am

4 Tours Routes,100k,38mile,22 miles,12 miles.

The start/finish is from the Vernon College car park.

To register

Contact Paul Mason,940-553-4494940-839-8024 (email


Rick Graf, 940-839-9200940-839-9200


To register online click on link below:-









Jaycee Creed

We believe:

That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life;

That the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations;

That economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise;

That government should be of laws rather than of men;

That earth s great treasure lies in human personality;

And that service to humanity is the best work of life.

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Vernon Burnin' bike ride results

38 Mile

Women under 18

1st (tied)

      Amelia Sanders

      Melanie Montgomery

Women 18-39

1st Vicky Donahue

2nd April Grykiewicz

Women 40-49

1st Shanon Harris

2nd Sharon Bennett

Women 50+

1st Elaine McKinney

2nd Debbie Semther

3rd Tammy Cody

Men 18-39

1st Brad Pryor

2nd Kurt Ennis

3rd Jose Delgado

Men 50+

1st Dwayne Landrett

2nd Jim Brown

3rd Camilo Garcia

Men 60+

1st Dave Shultz

2nd Gary Ferguson

3rd Ed Melvin

12 mile

Women under 18

1st Kinsley Weatherly

2nd Trista Lawrence

Women 18-39

1st Mindy Rowland

2nd Tamara Gregory

Women 40-49

1st Mary Jones

Women 50+

1st Diana Malesic

2nd Lana Halencak

3rd Rita Rhymo

Men under 18

1st Max Jones

2nd Carter Halencak

3rd Sean Curtis

Men 18-39

1st James Rowland

Men 40-49

1st Steve Jones

2nd Cory Curtis

Men 50+

1st Tim Norden

2nd Donnie James

3rd Don Hemry

22 mile

Women under 18

1st Caroline Taylor

2nd Emily Hopper

Women 18-39

1st Jennifer Cannaday

2nd Jada Rankin

Women 40-49

1st Carol Taylor

2nd Kelli Francis

3rd Mary Thompson

Women 50+

1st Joni Schatte

2nd Debbie Rowland

3rd Felicia Daniels

Men under 18

1st Deante Sims

2nd Josh Hendrix

Men 18-39

1st Kyle Cannaday

Men 40-49

1st J.R Knight

2nd Rodney Delarosa

Men 50+

1st Billy Henderson

2nd Richard Chadek

3rd Pete Guerrero

62 Mile

Women 40-49

1st Lisa McBride

2nd Vicky Gifford

3rd Denise Raggio

Women 50+

1st Karen Palvado

2nd Sherri Dixen

3rd Sherri Dowhower

Men under 18

1st Elijah Beshear

Men 18-39

1st Geoff Hall

2nd Jordon Dixen

3rd Bryan Goins

Men 40-49

1st Brad Altman

2nd Michael Marjors

3rd Andrew Bennett

Men 50-59

1st David Epler

2nd Bud Semertler

3rd Dale Vis

Men 60+

1st Dennis Harris

2nd Rick Boone

3rd Steve Dowhower